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Being an MBA in finance & marketing I used to think it would be easy to get job in field I desired. Moving out of my comfort zone, I realized that I require some sort of career counseling. Keeping career counseling on mind I started searching & finally I landed to  Find  a recruitment & career counseling agencyThey prepared me for my desired role with their excellence and expertise, I got placed in one of the well-known Organizations. I recommend FIND!

Find - a recruitment & career counseling agency

I decided to make a career change after 2 years. Knowing that I possibly want to switch the field, I was cautious & nervous. I went through a lot of interview & nothing seem right. A friend referred me to FIND for career counseling and things changed to logical and easy. I was coached and counseled, as a part of their offer, before was taken through next interview. I am overwhelmed with all the efforts they out in me and finally I have a job I love to go to.

A friend referred me to FIND for career counseling
Computer Skills, Top 5 computer Skills to learn for bright career

Top 5 Computer Skills To Learn For Bright Career

Modern workplaces cannot be imagined without IT and computers. The development in technology helps us to manage the work more effectively and present it better. Most importantly, it manages to keep the company record that helps with historical analysis. If […]

Top 5 skills in Demand - Find - ctrlf.in

Top 5 Skills In Demand At Modern Workplaces 2018

Wondering how do a few of your friends have bagged better package even though they were average at academics? In addition to academics, listed below are the top 5 skills in demand at modern workplaces. If you want to get […]

How to select the right candidate. Recruitment Solutions for corporate

Who Should be Hired?

Apart from your business plan, people who will work for you are the most important part of your business. Hence choose your people wisely. Now let’s think on how to select the right candidate? It’s not the skills that a candidate has […]

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