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Career Counseling – Should you consult EXPERTS?

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In the past most of us have struggled to get hired first and later realized that we ended up at wrong place. Most professionals have switched jobs during initial phase of their career to find the job they would like to pursue for rest of the life. They have ended up with too many companies on their resume and are seen as unstable employee or job hoppers! Would you still do this if you have option of Career Counseling? Or you would refrain from making the mistake that the previous generation made during seeking job.

Find Career solution will provide you insight and industry exposure before hand so that you decide the right career path since the first job. In my opinion its important to be wish and aware right since the beginning rather being seen as job hoppers.

What influence incorrect career selection?

Reasons can be many but the two that have affected the most of us are –

  1. Lack of industry awareness

  2. Incompetent skills (industry, technical and communication)

How do we assist in making the right decision?

Career counseling – We understand not one needs of candidates but also their psychology towards career. Post several assessment and personal discussion, the candidates are counseled over career they may be selecting in external influence and right career selection basis their career need and psychology.

Training – Incompetence of all must to have skills are eliminated through training and post training assessment.

Mock Interview – The candidates are assisted to improve the comprehension and interview skills to ensure better performance and right attitude during interview.

Get Introduced to top brands – Post completing the training and when the candidates are industry ready, they are lined up for interview with top brands.

Career counseling is a decision you can take to check your readiness, challenge your skills and prepare for the top brands. Why only aspire to work for top brands when you can jet start your career with FIND CAREER SOLUTIONS?

Why choose Mid-career counseling?

Chose mid-career counseling if you were bright and started off well but now finding yourself stuck at the same position for years isn’t pleasant. Chose career counseling if you are not enjoying the current job and are afraid over switching jobs or sector. You shall take career counseling if you find other getting promoted while you though you too were appropriate for the position but could not make your through.

Most of us, during mid-career have already supported and counseled our team members hence take ourselves as upmarket and competitively skilled for the industry but realize otherwise when its already too late.

When you chose mid-career counseling, you are not doubting your strengths that kept you in the job but you wish to scale up to beat the competition. In the past big fishes used to eat small fishes and now fast fishes eat the slow one. Don’t wait, make a move and make it fast enough to beat the competition and become a bench mark.

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