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Get your dream Job - Tips for freshers to get job

4 Important Tips For Freshers To Get Their Dream Job

Moving ahead of the previous blog, we are listing the steps you can follow to find the job of your choice. I would like to mention again that the industry is moving fast, and you must smartly and quickly adapt the changes to win the competition and Get your dream Job.

Here are the steps that can help you prepare yourself for the career you have always dreamt of –

1 – Internship is the foundation to get your dream job – build it strong

If still you feel necessary to earn your living out of your education, internship is the right time to lay foundation. It is the right time to over perform and be seen as a strong future candidate for the company you are intern with. Develop professional relationship with your mentor, HR and other leaders. Remember, if they appreciate you during your internship, they will hire you post completion of your course.

Internship is also the right time to work smart so that you realize either of the two so that you Get your dream Job from your campus placement –

– You like the job and post completing degree you will pursue career in a similar job. This realization will enable you to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Analyze and fill the gap you observed and become pro before even sitting through campus placement. This shall be enough to start higher as compared to the others.

– You hate the job so much that internship makes you realize you will not pursue career in that field. This realization with give and reasons to think of alternate career options while you still have time in completing your degree. Read point 1 of the blog.

2 – Find difference between your academics & interested field

It is not necessary that you earn in the same stream as your academics. Education is to become wiser and career is to earn living. It is rather ideal and convenient to become wise and earn living from the same educational specialization, but it is not the limiting factor. You can choose a career out of your interest and still be successful. If your education has gifted you the wisdom you needed to develop career around people, feel free to follow your dreams / interest. Explore new career opportunities like YouTube, blogger, travel planner or inbound tourist guide. If your interpersonal skills are optimum, do look for becoming an entrepreneur and set independent business. Just don’t limit yourself to your education for a bright career ! Get your dream Job!!

3 – Find your interested job role and companies

LinkedIn profile shall be a good source for research of career options. Research about people who are already in the job / compare with your back ground and fill the GAP (reference – take inputs from your experience during internship). Talk to people and take tips. Put yourself as prepared and confident to people you are consulting – they may be potential hiring managers too.  To Get your dream Job, develop relationship with your mentor.

4 – Plan your ambitions & Get your dream Job

This is the most important part of your career. Plan your ambitions and find out who you are. Find out your reasons of career and only then step into a job. You can be a public servant, or you may like challenging jobs, or you may be someone who needs a career in helping humanity or any other. Its important that you know yourself and career aspirations before stepping into job. Remember, post a certain year of experience, it becomes rather difficult to change the job field.  Be wise and consult career counselors.

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Tips for fresher to find the right job.

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