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Tips for freshers to find the right job

tips for freshers to get job

4 Important Tips For Freshers

The industry is moving fast, fast enough that the demand of skill too changes every three years. If you focus, less than 10% of the job needs the same skills years on year and hence are either paying less or have become very competitive. Vendor sales, airport services or cabin crew are some such examples. Here are some tips for freshers to help them find the job that they always wanted.

Now when I say that the skill demand too changes every three years, I also mean to say that your academics may not be sufficient to get the job you aspired when you decided to study the domain you graduated with.

Scared?? Don’t worry! Most people don’t get to work in the same stream of their academics. So good news is that if you have struggled to get a job, follow these simple steps for yourself and help others too.

Before we discuss on tips for freshers to get job, its important that we know how not to get trapped in a wrong type of job.

1 – Do not approach people for job

Of all the Tips for freshers to get job, the best and the most important is the refrain from asking our known ones for a job. Even though you are struggling to get a job or may even have graduated without a job from campus placement, don’t go to your successful relatives or even DAD for a job. They will offer you the job available with them or a job of their interest and mostly not according to your skill or interest.

We recommend you check your own interest, research and apply directly to the companies you would like to work with. Check news and social media, the companies trying to expand mostly have firm positioning there.

2 – Do not follow your friends boasting about their job

This is the most dangerous of all and may limit your vision & potential to earn money or be prosperous in the career of your choice. If you follow your friends, you are at risk to follow them for a longer time rather taking your own wise decision. Stop!! Sit Back! Research! meet career counselors and take the best decision of your life.

3 – Do not follow Job Advertisements, instead look for job fair

Advertisements are made lucrative and that’s their down side. Try not to be trapped in such advertisement. Also understand that most startups don’t become successful, but during interview they promise you career growth and better package. For someone rich, it may just be a failed business plan but you don’t need a struggling or demotivating career right at the beginning or do you?

Its always more important to know what not to do than what to do! Hope tips for freshers helps you find your way through!

4 – Bonus Tips for freshers to get Job

The industry now doesn’t only want people with good academic background but is looking for street smart employees. Do the following to posses wide range of knowledge and you can easily get and sustain job.

  1. Increase IT skills and keep reading / experimenting on new technology on phone, computer and tablet computing.
  2. Keep researching market and analyse the market trends.
  3. Develop presentation and interpersonal skills.
  4. Research on the competition of your organization.

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