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Top 5 Computer Skills To Learn For Bright Career

Computer Skills, Top 5 computer Skills to learn for bright career

Modern workplaces cannot be imagined without IT and computers. The development in technology helps us to manage the work more effectively and present it better. Most importantly, it manages to keep the company record that helps with historical analysis. If you are looking for a job or its time for a promotion, learn the following IT & computer skills to get ahead of your competition.

Top computer Skills required at modern workplaces

1 – Communication & Social media Skills

  • E-mail: Emails are the best medium of professional communication. It provides the sender flexibility of time as unlike verbal communication, you don’t need the receiver to be available when you write. Also, emails make communication transparent and documented for all future references. If you are looking forward to build career in modern workplace, learn effective email writing skills.
  • Web / Portals: Almost everything in modern days is online. The world makes over 3.5 billion searches on google per day. Awareness of online platforms will help you develop knowledge, provided you use it for good reasons. I know of people who learn from SlideShare, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.
  • Social Media awareness: Getting Viral is good but not for negative reasons. Social media awareness is important for both the purposes, selecting the right organization and researching competition. I am sure you know how important it is to keep a track of the competition, if your want to accelerate personal growth. People follow social media presence of organizations to keep themselves updated. Being a professional, it is also important to know what to not write/post or comment about your organization or competition on social media. Learn basic computer skills & internet skills to attain upper hand.

2 – Graphics & presentation skills

PowerPoint presentation and awareness of file types like PDF, GIF etc. – Was taking up a job of your choice difficult? Welcome to the world of new set difficulties!! Retaining your job is even more difficult than getting one and now think of your timely promotions!! Got scared? Don’t! To get an edge over others right since the beginning, learn presentations skills and to prepare PPTs. Also learn to operate/ design all modern files. Before its too late, get ready and learn basic computer skills. To Learn PowerPoint Presentation visit PowerPoint School on YouTube.

3 – Office tools and troubleshooting skills

Like all other organizations, yours too may have IT department but do you really want to be depending on them for all your meetings, presentations or communications with team members remotely? This will act like a great disadvantage as not only you will get tagged as someone who is challenged with basics but also including another party will eat up a lot of time. Above all, do you want to keep raising tickets or be brilliant on doing things yourself? With basics in hands, you will show up as more intelligent and handy as compared to your competition. Remember the saying “first impression is the last impression”? So learn the following computer skills to keep ahead of others to make an effective first impression to your internal assessors.

  • Skills on Microsoft office & basic computer troubleshooting – Fixing your basis computer issues will save time and you save yourself from appearing naïve in public. Learn Microsoft office here.
  • Remote access – Being in office isn’t the only way to work. Take control of your system from remote locations too.
  • Skype / zoom – These are advance communication tools using IP to facilitate seamless and effective communication. Control your team by talking face to face also from remote locations!
  • Office messenger – Professional quick chat facilitator. Make all office communication professional.

4 – Data analysis skills

Analytical skills on data on excel workbook or open office: Is there a job where we don’t have performance targets? Is there a target that does not need analysis? The answer is no! All tasks are measurable, hence will need analysis. Taking up analytical skills will help you present your work in detail. People at higher management like number and cost effective. If you can produce that & present as report, you will soon become apple of their eyes!!

5 – Awareness of gadgets

Have your heard of the terms “technology stupid” and “tech smart”? which one would you like to be called? If the obvious answer is “tech smart” then better don’t just dream and keep upgrading yourself on the following computer skills-

  • Laptops / desktops – Different types of computers
  • Mobile devices / Tablet computing – Smart computing
  • Presentation tools like projector and functionality – Control & lead the performance “SHOW TIME”
  • Operating system – Windows, Mac, Android

The future is in your hands. The sooner you plan the brighter it becomes. The sooner you realize that you are never at the top and always will have competition, the faster you will sharpen your skills. Make your chances to win competition for longer.

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