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Who Should be Hired?

How to select the right candidate. Recruitment Solutions for corporate

Apart from your business plan, people who will work for you are the most important part of your business. Hence choose your people wisely. Now let’s think on how to select the right candidate? It’s not the skills that a candidate has will help your business / team grow, it is the overall attitude towards work that matters. To elaborate this in less words I would ask this question – what has been easy for you to correct, skill issues or will issues?

I am sure the question gave a direction to the discussion!

To ensure that the team does not have friction towards organization goals, one must hire candidates with right attitude towards their career, team and overall life events. Progressive nature of the candidate, if candidate is not completely skilled, will make it easier for a LEADER to transfer skills/knowledge.

How to select the right candidate?

While the best will be to get candidates with right skills and attitude, but we are all aware of the market pool and hence it becomes important for us to make the right selection – mine is candidates with right attitude and progressive skills.

Finding the right candidate for the job basis soft skills?

Most interviewers assess candidates on skills (knowledge on the subject e.g. excel, IT development, DB management) and either skip assessing or not keep people management as priority. Let’s understand this with another question – Will you remain as authority/leader, if the subordinates deny following you? Hence I believe, it’s not important only to be a great leader but also to have team members willing to follow and not insubordinate. Does this give enough insight on how to select the candidate basis behavior and people management skills?

To assess on soft skills, I would take my candidates through situations leading to the following –

  1. Team management
  2. Subordination and integrity 
  3. Comprehension of corporate situations / office culture
  4. Attitude towards team (Team Spirit)
  5. Sharing and basic nature of collaborating


If the candidate is found worth on attitude, a little less skill can be transferred through training and assignments or team work. What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on how to select the right candidate?

Methods for selecting the right candidate

To ensure you find candidates with right mix of soft skills and experience, follow the following tips –

  1. Pre-screen candidates over telephonic interview 

    Use telephonic interview to funnel candidates before conducting face to face interviews. This is good medium to clarify on current position and job responsibilities, Salary expectations and work history. Try and assess your candidates over their learning curve and skill they currently posses. If you utilize the telephonic interview neatly, you will save a lot of time for the right candidates conducting face to face interview.

  2. Discuss on deliverable and keep a check on their confidence level & readiness

    It is important the the candidate knows their deliverable and job responsibilities before joining, hence set the right expectation during face to face interview. Use this time to find out training opportunity for the candidates and don’t hire until they have / match at-least 80% of the skills you need for the job. Don’t forget to find out their plans of achieving the target or job expectations. Remember is takes to interview one more candidate than replacing a wrong one!!

  3. Make the candidate comfortable and take your time to assess

    The candidate shall be comfortable to present themselves during interview so that you can asses the true them. If a bright candidate is not made comfortable, chances are that he will not be able to present his true thoughts.

  4. Follow no time limit

    Ensure to keep asking questions and take your time to complete assessments. Don’t be in hurry to interview a lot of candidates. It is better the line up only a few and worthy candidates for face to face interview. Remember to filter out candidates during telephonic interview.

How do we, at Find, line up candidates to our clients?

Find is not just a recruiting firm but also a training. Every candidate that we suggest the clients goes through several assessments helping us to find their behavior, attitude, life outlook, skill level on general technology and communication. Only candidates who show up higher are lined up for interview and others are taken through counseling and training until they become industry ready. Our assessment methods and results make it easy choosing between two candidates.

Rely on FIND.

Find Recruitment solutions will line up a handful options of candidates with skills and attitude you need for your team to grow, by understanding your business, skill requirement of the position and your Goal Mantra just as you do! We listen, talk and discuss your requirements before starting to recruit for you and that is how we exactly know who should be hired.

How to select the right candidate

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